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Yoga Nidra for the Fall Equinox

Would you like to feel well-rested? When we have enough sleep we have a sense of well-being, but for many adults this is not our consistent experience. Yoga Nidra (sometimes referred to as 'yogic sleep') is a method for refreshing yourself and activating the relaxation response.
Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided meditation to facilitate a conscious sleep state. Though there exists a debate over the science that supports the claims, 45 minutes of yoga nidra is widely believed to create a feeling of having slept for 3 hours.

One explanation for this feeling of having slept for hours is related to the series of brain-wave changes experienced during yoga nidra. A useful metaphor is driving a car, and bringing it to park. First you must slow it down before you can turn the engine off. In yoga nidra, brainwaves are brought into rest state with slower more restorative brain-wave activity.

Curious to experience this? Keen to try it again, having experienced it before? Join me for a guided yogic sleep. 

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