Prenatal yoga provides a safe and effective way to stay fit, improve posture, connect mind and body and manage stress throughout the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga therapy sessions combine strength building poses to help you feel empowered throughout your pregnancy as well as specific breathwork, meditation and restorative yoga poses to help reduce stress and help you remain calm and mindful. Sessions can also be tailored to help with the management of common prenatal mental health conditions including prenatal anxiety and depression.  

To learn how you can utilize yoga during your birth please check on information on my Yoga and Comfort Measures for Birth Signature Course.  

In private prenatal lessons Emily really adapts exercises to the needs of the client. One day it might be more relaxation, others more movement – she always listened to the concerns and wishes of the person in front of her.
— L, Brussels

Prenatal Yoga Resources

I offer the following free meditations for pregnancy