Lion's Breath

Recently I posted a video on Instagram and Facebook of myself doing Lion's Breath with my son.  It had been the end of a really difficult day, one of those days when nothing goes right.  Professionally I had faced some set backs.  Personally my son was super cranky and I was solo from Creche pickup, through dinner, bathtime and bedtime.   After he flipped his dinner all over the dog and then started screaming for more I could feel myself beginning to "loose it".  My shoulders were tense and my belly was tight.  

Fortunately for myself and my son I've been doing so much body awareness that I've gotten better (but by no means perfect) at noticing my physical stress signs and having some ideas on how to reroute them.  It felt like I just wanted to roar out the whole days.  So that is what I did.  I placed my hands on my thighs, took a big breath, and let out a lions breath.   

Immediately my sons screams turned to giggles. I felt my shoulders relax.  I did it again and he did it back at me.  It was too cute not to share so I grabbed my phone to record it.  (You can watch that here)  The house was still a mess.  I still had to wipe pasta off the dog and bathe cheese off the baby.  But I felt better.  And I think my son liked not only the funny noises and faces I was making but also the shift of energy in the room.  

People have been asking a bit more about how to do Lion's Breath so I recorded it, with instructions, in a more forma setting.   I hope it brings some stress relief and giggles to your life too.  

If you are looking for more Yoga just for Moms sign up to learn more about my 8-Week Yoga Therapy for Moms Living with Stress and Anxiety. We will definitely be practicing Lion's Breath! 

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