While Yoga Therapy can be beneficial for everyone it can be particularly useful for women dealing with health conditions or life changes by strengthen the mind body connection and promote relaxation and ease. I specialize in treating women living with :

While Yoga Therapy will not cure any of these conditions it can be a useful tool in healing and promoting future well being.   

I have benefited from my work with Emily in so many different ways that I don’t know where to start. I have learned how to cope with incredibly stressful situations by applying different breathing techniques and/or some gentle movement. I discovered then a range of techniques (my “arsenal”) to use when I felt panicky, frazzled or when I couldn’t sleep. Through that dreadful time, I always had my session with Emily and I knew it was my time, a time for self-care and recovery. I also learned that there was nothing wrong with needing self-care, even though I thought at first it was just very indulgent. I almost always felt lighter after our session. I can’t describe it any differently, really, but the walk uphill to get back home felt easier than the easier walk downhill to get to Emily :)
— B,Brussels
I found a safe and calm space where I could relax during the sessions. I found the practices very calming and good explanations backed with researched information. I have found the practice and homework something to keep my mind occupied with other than my anxiety and worries I found myself in. I have felt very supported taking the first steps of the journey together with you, and appreciated the tailored tips and exercises given as tools for continued practice on my own.
— P, Brussels