Postnatal yoga therapy includes postures and movements specifically designed for postnatal bodies and include specific focus on the lower back, core, shoulders and pelvic floor. Sessions can also be targeted towards management of specific postpartum mental health issues including postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD.  

Postnatal Yoga resources 

I offer the following free meditations for download.

I turned to Emily when I felt that I had exhausted all other options to heal and recover from a difficult birth. She was attentive and responsive to my unique circumstances. She took time to understand the journey my body went through - a cancer and a traumatic birth. I felt understood for the first time in years. Most importantly she went through a lot of effort to design a personalized program that would address my body’s needs. Within a few weeks I felt the effect and impact the sessions had on my body. Ultimately setting myself on the journey to recovering!
— M Brussels