Dealing with fertility issues can be stressful on body and mind. Additionally, it is often difficult for women to stay connected with their bodies when dealing with an often impersonal medical system. There is evidence that yoga can reduce anxiety and boost mood, beneficial for any woman who is dealing with fertility issues. As a Well Woman Yoga Therapist I can work with you to help you connect and find acceptance with your body.  

For the first time in Brussels I am also offering a 6-Week Mind-Body- Fertility Support Course. If you are looking to experience yoga therapy plus the benefits of peer-support, check out this course and contact me to learn more about individual and group sessions.

Free Fertility Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation) 

I was going through a very difficult time when I started working with Emily. I had gone through a number of IVF unsuccessful treatments which had taken a toll on my body and my mind. Having practiced yoga for a while already, I was looking for the benefits that I knew yoga could offer and I was confident that individual sessions would enable me to get there.A few months fast forward – I am happily pregnant with my first child following a successful IVF treatment. The sessions with Emily were a stepping stone towards a better physical and emotional state which I believe area a prerequisite for success especially with IVF treatments but also in general.I warmly recommend working with Emily. You get a mix of compassion and professionalism, objectivity and friendly advice at the same time - that I believe can help anyone going through a difficult time or just wanting to better focus on themselves and their wellbeing and the benefits of yoga practice.
— S, Brussels