Stories of miscarriage and stillbirth are often shamed or silenced.  Today's society does not offer much space for grief or support for this sort of loss, even though 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage.  As a yoga therapist  and pregnancy loss doula I offer therapeutic yoga designed to support you in your grieving and healing journey.  My own experience of utilizing yoga and meditation after a miscarriage inspires this work.  No two people's experience with grief around pregnancy and infant loss are the same, and neither is the individualized support I offer. Sessions can focus on re-establishing a relationship of love and trust for your body, loving-kindness meditations, managing anxiety and depression, physical healing after trauma, rituals for remembrance or whatever else your body, mind and soul needs. This sort of yoga can occur at any time after any type of pregnancy loss. If you hold a baby in your heart instead of your arms and  are looking for holistic support and healing please contact me today.