Yoga Nidras

Yoga Nidra, translates to “yogic sleep”. They are guided relaxations designed to help your mind and body move into deep relaxation. Please enjoy some of these free recordings, whenever you need a break. And if you are looking for even MORE deep relaxation, through monthly curated Nidras, plus webinars on stress, sleep and a personalized yoga nidra JUST FOR YOU, check out my Yoga Nidra Circle Deep Rest Society.

Yoga Nidra for Fertility

Yoga Nidra for Women

Prenatal Yoga Nidra

Postnatal Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra for Stress and Anxiety


Heart Womb Breathing Meditation: Ideal for those times when you need to send your body, and especially your womb space, a bit more love. I often share this meditation with individuals dealing with fertility treatment, those who have gone through pregnancy loss and for pregnancy after fertility treatment and/or loss.  I hope it brings you some comfort.  

Metta Meditation. Also known as a “Loving Kindness Meditation” this meditation can be useful for anyone struggling with feelings of anger, disappointment or doubt towards themselves.

Breathing Techniques

Butterfly Breathing: A relaxing breath to be practiced throughout pregnancy and during labor!