This course combines specific Yoga Therapy techniques to:    

  • Enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve well-being
  • Improves self-awareness     

Both awareness and therapeutic yoga are well known to help improve anxiety and depression, this 8 week Yoga Therapy course will help you access these profound healing properties

Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques.

What to Expect

Each session will be 2 Hours long and include education on mind-body functioning, a 70-minute yoga practice, breath work, additional mind-body activities and group discussion.

No previous yoga experience is necessary.



Register online at Radiant Light Yoga or contact me today if you want to learn more and determine if this course is right for you.  

Here is what some previous students have said about the 8-week course:

Everyone who is not too into the “alternative” side would love this. Great focus on the science as well
This course offered me what I was looking for and more. A balance between body breath and mind. It was good to learn the relation between them and find ways to get better
I learned lots of things and have new perspectives about breathing and mindfulness. It really opened my eyes about my thoughts
I noticed improved physical elements as well. Pain I have had for years has eased a lot
Every Week my mind kept coming back to the different techniques we had done in practice which were a huge help during stressful moments.