Family Planning Informational Webinar
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Family Planning Informational Webinar

Do you feel overwhelmed by the contraceptive choices available to you? Wish you had more options? Want to try something different but unsure of the risks and benefits? This webinar is for you!

My Masters in Public Health (in reproductive health) combined with holistic knowledge from yoga puts me in a unique position to have a great deal of information on all aspects of family planning- physical, mental, energetic, risks, benefits etc. It seems selfish to keep this information to myself so I am sharing it with the world. I will be hosting a 1-hour webinar where I will go through a basic description of the reproductive system plus information on how each method works, and the pros and cons of each one. There would be plenty of time for your questions plus info on special populations, like people who are breastfeeding and those who want to avoid hormones. I can say it will be completely unbiased an judgement free, I want you to find the right method for YOU!
This Webinar will be Thursday, 13 September at 19:30 Brussels time. The webinar will be about an hour long and it will be recorded so if you can't join us live you can join us after. The webinar will be 10 Euros payable via banccontact or Paypal (with a small additional fee). 
You can sign up here (or if you would like to pay via bank card see info below) and you will be added to the Facebook group where the talk will take place. This will also be the place for you to ask any additional questions (you can also ask me them privately) share resources and to have further discussion before and after the class.


To pay via European bank card please send 10 Euros to
BE45 3631 5551 5389
Please notify me so I can ensure payment is processed.


Please note information in this webinar is not intended to replace information and recommendation from your doctor or other health professionals. This session is for information purposes and is not intended as personal recommendations.

Family Planning Webinar
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